A Success Story Growing Classes by Don Wood
ABC Square Dancing A teaching manual for a caller school for novices
ABC Square Dancing Caller School Student Information for novice callers
Alberta 2015 Promotional Campaign (zip format)
Alternative Music Sources by Norm Wilcox
American Dance Circle Publication – Issues of the The American Dance Circle, a publication of the Lloyd Shaw Foundation, are made available on-line by the Lloyd Shaw Foundation.
Angels Letter by Tim Marriner
Associated Dance Forms by Tim Marriner
Attracting New Dancers by Scott Byars
Be Square Old Time Square Dance Handbook – The Dare To Be Square Caller’s handbook. You may be curious about starting or resuscitating social music and dance culture in your area. Read this to gain some context about different types of square dancing, bits of history, and some ideas for it’s future.
Brainstorming Ideas (Excel format)
Callerlab Alternate Lessons Systems
Callerlab Community Dance Program
Callerlab Condensed Teach Method Booklet (revised_15-03-01)
Callerlab Convention 15-05-03 Handouts
Callerlab Mentoring Guidelines
Callerlab Standard Basic and_Mainstream Applications
Callerlab 12 Weekend Condensed Program Teach Order (zip format)
Canadian Dance & Song Society – History of Square Dance
CPSD Pair Dancing – 2-couple square dancing by Karl Arnold Belser 2009
Dancing Smoothness – Dancing Smoothness N.E. Square & Round Dance Convention Presentation By Jim Mayo – Bangor, Me – April 1997
Don’t Cry Over Broken Squares; Fix Them! by Allan Hurst
Ed Gilmore Interview
Fall in Love with Square Dancing – article, author unknown
Fitness Evaluation by Brian Elmer
Glossary of Contra Dance Figures
Guide For Successful Sustainable Square Dancing – Guide for all interested establishment clubs and associations who would like to help restore the base of the activity and help put integrity back into all programs.
How to Entertain At Your Square Dance by Shaun Werkele
How to Recruit by Eric Curtis as published by the BAASDC & SDCCGB Joint Council’s RPM Committee (way too many acronyms if you ask me!)
Ian Henzel Plan for Square Dance Recruiting
Innovative Program for New Dancers Revives Dying Club by Claudia Littlefair, Strathmore, AB
Jim Hensley Marketing
Lea Veronica Approach to Recruiting and Retaining New Dancers by Robert Ascroft, Secretary Region 2 Promotion Committee 2010
Learn Social Dancing
A round dance marketing tool by Paul & Ann Clements Multi-Cycle Success Story
Nest Program (zip format)
New Dancers Generic Brochure from the Fraser Valley Square & Round Dance Association. There’s only one page and I’m sure there must be another page somewhere. If you have it, please send it to me so that I might modify this one.
New Dancer Letter by Tim Marriner
New Dancer Survey 2015 by Brian Elmer, SquareUp BC
No Experience Necessary Dances by Dave Harry
Offer Square Dance Lessons All Year Round by Nasser Shukayr, Shreveport, Louisiana
Ottonobee Brochure
Possible Advertising Catch Words BCSRDF Revitalization Committee
Poster Location Check List BCSRDF Revitalization Committee
Prospecting Ideas 2016 174 Ways to Find and Retain New Dancers by Jim Langdon
Responses to the Query to Clubs BCSRDF Revitalization Committee
Save Square Dancing Source:
Seeking Free Publicity in the Square and Round Dance Activity by Brian Elmer
"Selling" Square Dance to New People by Bernie Coulthurst – Alberta Chatter 2018 Four
Shopping Centers look to entertainment recreation to fill empty anchors by Lauren Zumbach, Chicago Tribune
Sitting Square Dance Figures – author unknown
Sources for Square Dance Music – Nick Turner
Square_Dance_Troubles by Jim Mayo
Square Dancing in the 21st Century Part 1 – A difinitive Guide to Modern Pattern Dancing by Scott Brown
Square Dancing in the 21st Century Part 2 – A difinitive Guide to Modern Pattern Dancing by Scott Brown
SSD-50 Alphabetical Call List
Successful Experiences using the 12 week Condensed Teaching Method by Lorne & Barb Smith, Calgary, AB May 2018
Talking Points for Interviews
Ten Simple Rules for Enjoyable Square Dancing 2013
Thoughts on New Dancers – Recruitment, Teaching and Retention – BCSRDF Revitalization Committee
Tips for Experienced Dancers Dancing with Beginners by Jonathan Sivier
Twelve Commandments of Square Dancing
USDA Pamphlet Club Caller Responsibilities
USDA Pamphlet Club Checklist
USDA Pamphlet Club Erosion
USDA Pamphlet Club Newsletter
USDA Pamphlet Club Specials
USDA Pamphlet Club Delegate Responsibilities
USDA Pamphlet Club Incorporation
USDA Pamphlet Club Members Responsibilities
USDA Pamphlet Club Newsletter
USDA Pamphlet Club Past President Responsibilities
USDA Pamphlet Club President Responsibilities
USDA Pamphlet Club Secretary Responsibilies
USDA Pamphlet Club Specials
USDA Pamphlet Club Treasurer Responsibilities
USDA Pamphlet Club Vice President Responsibilies
USDA Pamphlet New Dancers Questions
USDA Pamphlet Recruiting New Dancers
USDA Pamphlet Recruiting New Dancers 2
USDA Pamphlet Retaining New Dancers
USDA Recruiting and Keeping New Dancers
USDA Take a Youthful Step to the Future – A step by step guide to establishing and maintaining a youth square dance group.
What is Modern Square Dancing?
What is the Federation? – One of the questions that we are consistently asked is what is the purpose of the Federation? Why do we have so many levels of "government"? Article by Pat Zeeman, Treasurer for the BCSRDF
What to Say to Prospects
* What We’ve Lost * Why We Lost It * What We Still Have * How to Make the Best of What We Have Left * by Jerry Story at the 65th National Square Dance Convention 2016
What Was That Step? A Guide for New Contra Dancers
What’s Right With Square Dancing by Eric Henerlau, Keynote address at the 66th National Square Dance Convention 2017
Why Do We Dance

News & Information